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Streamlining 101 - Part 3 (Stability for Streamline)

In the final edition of this 3 part series on streamlining we focus on developing stability for streamline. Author of Peak Performance, Brad Stulberg says... "Flexibility without strength is instability". It is all well and good being able to get into a quality streamline position, but without the right strength to be stable in that position then we are at risk of injury as well as not being able to utilise the position well.

The key areas we need to stabilise for streamline are; the core and the hips. To do this we can focus on the glutes and the core. Below are some simple exercises to help develop some stability in these areas.


Glute bridge:

  • Lie on your back with arms in streamline, knees flexed and feet on the floor.

  • Squeeze glutes and raise hips

  • Relax and lower

  • You can progress this exercise by adding a foam roller and holding the roller between your knees to switch on the adductors


Toe taps:

  • Begin in the table top position

  • Lower 1 foot and tap it on the floor

  • Return to the table top position

Legs only dead bugs:

  • Begin the table top position

  • Lower and straighten 1 leg and point toes

  • Hold for 5 seconds

  • Return to the table top position


Over the last 3 weeks we have written about;

  • What is streamline

  • Flexibility for streamline

  • Stability for streamline

Hopefully coaches will have found some of the content in these articles useful and can use them to inform their coaching both in and out of the pool. Often the exercises shown can be used in tandem with pool activities to give athletes a better understanding of what muscles they need to be using in the water. As always with dry-land work if you are unsure on how to carry out an exercise please seek the advice of a trained exercise professional.

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