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Return to Pool Part 5

This "mini series" will be a week of workouts from earlier this summer starting training again after the lockdown break due to the global pandemic and also starting the new season for the athletes.

A few other important points for context:

  1. after having returned from Norway, my official start date with Swim Regio Solothurn (SRSO) was August 1st, so this was all still very much a transition period,

  2. we had already started "unofficial" training two weeks prior and this week was actually their "summer break" where I had to work with the summer program and wasn't "allowed" to coach these athletes, so all the workouts were optional and done during the day on their own,

  3. the main goal for all of the workouts was "basic aerobic conditioning" while also keeping things light and at around 1h per workout to allow the athletes to "recover", if they did choose to train during this week.

You can find all current SRSO workouts from this season in the archives on PSW.

You can access many other workouts by supporting The Poolside Pass with a membership to the PSW platform and benefit from 40% off by using the coupon "thepoolsidepass".


Part 1:

1000 free “locomotion” w/fins & snorkel alt. kick on side/swim DPS [ 50/50 - 100/100 - 150/150 - 200/200 ]

5x100 kick as 75 choice, 25 flutter FAST R20”

500 free “locomotion” w/fins & snorkel alt. kick (arms on side)/swim DPS [ 25/25 - 50/50 - 75/75 - 100/100 ]

10x50 kick as 35 choice, 15 flutter FAST R10”

Part 2:

5x100 choice as 25 scull, 25 swim, 25 drill, 25 swim R15”

3x100 as 50 back, 50 free breathe 5 R15”

100 choice easy

Workout Total: 3400

Download PDF • 171KB

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