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Low Intensity Aerobic Medley

Another workout with the group from Biel substituting for Coach Anni (Annelies Maas) during their last session before the Christmas break. It has been another great experience for me to provide these two sessions and receive feedback from Coach Anni regarding my way of implement her plan.

The "assignment" for this Saturday morning was to provide a "BZ 1+2+8" medley focused workout at around 4.5km. Meaning more low-end aerobic work including some sprints. We followed the same pattern through all sets for each stroke and put everything together at the end with a 200 IM "challenge".

I also wanted to provide you with a "resource" (in German) for the BZ (Belastungszonen) system used by Coach Anni. This is an energy zone (intensity) based training system from the German Swimming Federation. If you are interested to learn more about energy zones in swimming, I recommend reading an article by Genadijus Sokolovas, Ph.D.

Want to improve your language skills? Go download the accompanying PDF as it is written in German.

Want to see more workouts from the STBB group? Go check out their 2018 Calella Training Trip series in our archives.

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Workout AM

800 as 200 free (50 fist drill, 50 straight arm), 100 back (25 one arm drill, 25 swim)

24x25 fly @35"

6 rounds of the following:

25 fly kick, 25 fly drill, 25 fly no breath (UW kick or swim), 25 fly sprint

200 IM kick

24x25 back @35"

6 rounds of the following:

25 back kick, 25 back drill, 25 back no breath (UW fly kick or swim), 25 back sprint

200 IM drill

24x25 breast @35"

6 rounds of the following:

25 breast kick, 25 breast drill, 25 breast no breath (UW kick or swim), 25 breast sprint

200 IM as 25 kick, 25 drill

24x25 free @35"

6 rounds of the following:

25 free kick, 25 free drill, 25 free no breath (UW kick or swim), 25 free sprint


400 choice social kick (fins optional; talk about Christmas or sing Christmas songs)

Workout Total: 4400

This blog post was produced by Nico Messer, founder of Pro Swim Workouts, on behalf of The Poolside Pass.

Download PDF • 19KB

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