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Low End Aerobic/Active Recovery

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This is a morning workout back from December 2018 when I was coaching the Swiss Army group while we were based at the Federal Institute of Sports in Magglingen. I coached the session below as a substitute for a colleague from one of the "local" teams. I had previously been on a training camp with them and already knew the athletes and "their way of training".

The "assignment" for this morning was to provide a "BZ 1+2" themed workout at around 4.5km. Meaning an low-end aerobic based session (some might call it active recovery).

Want to improve your language skills? Go download the accompanying PDF as it is written in German.

Want to see more workouts from the STBB group? Go check out their 2018 Calella Training Trip series in our archives.

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Workout AM

500 as 100 free or back, 25 scull

10x50 choice kick as 5x @1‘05, 5x @55“

2x300 free w/pullbuoy (paddles optional) R20“

6x50 choice as 25 build, 25 smooth @55“


[4x200 R20“]


200 as 100 free breathe 3-5 by 50, 50 back, 50 free breathe 7

200 IM as 25 drill, 25 swim




100 choice kick as 25 tempo, 25 smooth @2‘

100 free @1‘30


500 as 100 free (25 w/flutter, 25 w/fly kick), 100 back

300 free as 100 kick on side, 100 w/pullbuoy (PB at ankles), 100 swim

200 as 100 free breathe 3-5 by 50, 50 back, 50 free breathe 7


4x25 as 1x scull, 1x double arm back R10“


Workout Total: 4600

This blog post was written by Nico Messer - Founder of Pro Swim Workouts

Download PDF • 19KB

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