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Featured Post - Ash Morris on Reflection

Series 1 guest and Director of Swimming at Hamilton Aquatics in Dubai, Ash Morris has written a great post on his reflection process during the pandemic and its resultant lockdowns and time out of the water. For added context, Dubai went into lockdown before the UK so Ash has a slightly different perspective on events than some of us but we feel that the main messages in the post will resonate with many coaches.

Thanks to Ash for sharing this and allowing us to feature the post on our site. After all coaching is sharing.


1️⃣ year ago today was the first day that I wasn’t allowed to do what I love - coach swimming!⁣

It all happened so fast. At the time, it was an incredibly lonely and frustrating place to be as many other clubs around the world were still training, all of the National trials that my swimmers had worked so hard for were still going ahead, the Olympics were still happening and it felt like we were the only ones being ‘punished’ - it felt like ‘why us’...’why me’... ⁣

We obviously didn’t know that very quickly everyone was going to be in the same boat and that it would have such devastating consequences for everyone else around the world! ⁣

After going through the phases of ‘why me?’ ➡️ anger ➡️ loneliness ➡️ depression ➡️ relief ➡️ productive ➡️ motivated ➡️ back coaching, it has allowed great reflection as a person and as a coach. ⁣

On reflection, it has allowed so many new and different opportunities...⁣

🙏🏻 Appreciation - We have genuinely learnt to appreciate what we have and what we do. ⁣

⚙️ Adaptability - We have had to adapt in more ways than ever, find solutions for things and work with what we have. ⁣

💪🏼 Resilience - We have built more layers of resilience than we ever thought we could. We are now stronger than ever and bullet proof for whatever is thrown at us. ⁣

🧠 Knowledge - We have learnt so much from each other, through experiences, from CPD opportunities and by reflecting more as individuals. ⁣

❤️ Unity - We have been brought closer together and the people who have been part of the journey with us will remain very special people for the rest of our lives. ⁣

Personally, I am stronger than ever, more resilient than ever, more adaptable than ever, more knowledgable than ever, more appreciative than ever & more open than ever. I’m a better coach, better friend, better fiancé & better person because of all of this. ⁣

I know I am not the only one and I see so many people who have come through it and are better people because of everything. Circumstances do not define us, but they can shape us massively. If you’re still struggling, hang in there and you’ll come out the other side stronger. ⁣

Stay safe and happy!


This posted was written by Ash Morris Director of Swimming at Hamilton Aquatics. Ash original posted this on his instagram page (

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