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E9 - Mel Marshall

In episode 9 of The Poolside Pass we spoke to Mel Marshall. During the episode Mel spoke about a host of things including;

- The barriers Mel faced as an athlete starting out in coaching

- Making sure that a Training Plan has balance

- How important Parents are to a swimmer's journey

For me, as a younger coach still developing my ideas how to view things, the part I found most interesting and insightful, was when Mel spoke about what it is to be a coach. Mel described this as being the goalie and stopping the ball ending up in the athlete's net. I thought this was a great analogy of coaching, allowing athletes to go out there, express themselves, but being there to direct them and protect them from any goals being scored. Sometimes you can't keep a clean sheet though, and things can of course go wrong, this is not a disaster though, it is an opportunity to keep evolving and developing for the athlete but also as the coach.

Mel spoke of the need to never stop learning, something I feel is really important, she did this with the phrase "You are the master of today and a novice of tomorrow". I found this phrase very powerful. That you can master the day and make some really good progress, but what happens today gives no guarantees for tomorrow, and you must continue learn and develop every day.

Finally, another part of the discussion that really hit home with me was our job as coaches to be grounded with our athletes, always look for new ways to win and to hold our athletes and ourselves accountable for not taking it easy.

I hope you also found the episode valuable and insightful, feel free to open a discussion in the comments or on social media using the #letstalkcoaching, don't forget to @thepoolsidepass on social media.

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