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E15 - Rob Greenwood (Celebrate the PBs like the medals)

In episode 15 of The Poolside Pass Podcast we spoke to Rob Greenwood - Head Coach at Pioneer 79 Swimming Club and former Head Coach at British Para Swimming and Stirling ITC.

The primary topic in the podcast was Rob's use of the Jan Olbrecht model of training. Rob was one of the first coaches to use this model in the UK and has had some excellent success with the model.

During the interview Rob spoke of his journey to really uncover why he was doing things in his coaching which really fascinated me. He wasn't simply content with doing something that worked but he was eager to really understand why he was doing something and how it worked. A process that at first can strip a coach of their confidence but as Rob said can give you a real bounce when you figure out the why behind your planning.

Another area I found really interesting from my conversation with Rob is the need for coaches not only to have a mode for physiological development of an athlete, but a technical development model and a people development model too. This helps coaches to bring around holistic development of their swimmers.

To hear more on this as well as a host of other topics we discussed, check out the episode now on your favourite podcast platform!

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