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E13 - Dave Hemmings (I love watching world class swimmers)

In episode 13 of The Poolside Pass Podcast we spoke to Dave Hemmings - National Centre Coach in Loughborough for British Swimming. Dave discussed a host of topics covering his career in coaching as well as how he goes about making technical changes within his swimmers.

What really interested me was his passion to share as much knowledge with other coaches as possibly can and that he sees no point in holding onto information as if it is a precious material but that he always opts to share what he finds with others in the coaching community.

Another message to take away is that when analysing his swimmer's stroke, he always looks for their strengths and then aims to make them stronger rather than picking up on lots of faults. Obviously not ignoring faults but always having a focus on making the athlete better as what they do.

Check out the full episode below, or get it on your favourite podcast player!

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