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E11 - Michael Glossop

In episode 11 of The Poolside Pass podcast, we spoke to Michael Glossop - Head Coach at Bassetlaw Swim Squad, who is currently studying for an MSc in performance coaching.

Michael spoke to us about how reflective practice is an important part of performance coaching and how using meditation can help with this. Being able to look back on your coaching and identify means to improve can be really powerful, not only for you as a person but also for your athletes too.

We also spoke to Michael about coach burnout and how this may be impacted by the current COVID-19 situation. He said that a lot of time we see coaches perhaps not taking the best care of themselves, but that during this lockdown we may see and improvement as we are being forced to take some time to look after ourselves, this is something that coaches should try to bring back with them when the sport return.

Listen to the full episode below, or on your favourite podcast player.

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