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E10 - Mark Skimming

In episode 10 of The Poolside Pass Podcast, we spoke to Mark Skimming - from the University of Bath. Mark discussed how he is approaching this time away from the pool and making use of the down time we have in the sport right now.

It was really nice to hear Mark speak about rediscovering his passion for coaching during this time, as through years of grind it can be easy to forget why you do the job everyday. I think that was an important message from Mark. Coaching is a tough job and all coaches could use this time to rediscover their why!

Mark finished by listing his top 3 priorities for this lockdown period;

1. Refresh - sleep and exercise

2. Value time - with family or to reflect

3. Learn something new - in or out of the sport

For me, this is a great 3 point plan to ensure we as coaches can use this time effectively and return better and ready to help our athletes chase their dreams!

Check out the podcast episode in full below...

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