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Bi-Weekly Workout From ProSwimWorkouts

Feb 29, 2020 - Bergensvømmerne Following our return from training camp in Luxembourg, all of the attending athletes were off for the weekend for some R&R. The workout below is the Saturday morning session for one of our girls who unfortunately had to stay back in Bergen. She was following our plan for the week best possible training on her own (or joining the NSF group with Coach Kay-Arild Paulsen) by adapting the "sets" of these sessions but always trying to work the same intensities. The team had their last intense workout on Thursday morning and this session "moved" to Friday afternoon for our athlete at home. Following this tough workout and with fewer morning practices during

the week, her plan included much needed recovery on Saturday morning with a relaxed aerobic session in the pool. All of the workouts from my short time in Norway are now available in the archives. This allows you to follow the "full" cycle from after Short Course Championships to the lockdown in Norway as we were only two weeks away from our main competition for this phase, the Bergen Swim Festival. You can access all of these and many other workouts by supporting The Poolside Pass with a membership to the PSW platform and benefit from 40% off by using the coupon "thepoolsidepass". Workout AM Part 1: 5x200 as 150 free or back, 50 fly kick (on side or back; rotate 50 through 200’s) 

[ 1’ vertical fly kick between 200’s ] 5x100 as 75 free or back, 25 fly drill (rotate 25 through 100’s) 

[ 30” fly kick against wall between 100’s ] 10x50 as 1x (15 UW fly kick build into breakout, finish easy choice), 1x fly kick (on back or side) R15” Part 2: 3x300 as 125 free, 50 scull, 125 free R20” [ 1x pullbuoy, 1x pullbuoy & paddles, 1x paddles ] 

5x100 free w/fins & paddles DPS @1’30 2x200 as 75 free, 50 scull, 75 back w/fly kick R20” 

3x100 back as 75 regular, 25 double arm R15” Workout Total: 4100

You can download the workout in PDF format below:

Download PDF • 180KB

This post was written by Nico Messer founder of ProSwimWorkouts

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